Certified Sapphire-Blading Online Training Course!

Become an expert to draw extremely fine natural hairs on eyebrows with the natural white "Sapphire" and the Sapphire-Blading Method!

Amaze your customers with the new and impressive method of drawing eyebrows


If you are ready to add more clients, re-engage current clients and make more money - This is how you can expand your business without having to start to offer a new service from scratch.

"No matter how skilled you are in Microblading - Sapphire-Blading Training will take you into the next Level!"

This is for you if...

  • You are a permanent makeup artist who loves to do Microblading?
  • You having 'okay' customers in your business, but your inner voice tells you it's nowhere near what it could be?
  • You believe microblading is more than just "offer permanent makeup or microblading service"...it's an expression of your soul's divine purpose?
  • You feel you're a naturally talented PMU artist who loves to take action and see clients get awesome results, and you want to make money because you are ready to break into a new level?
  • You are MORE than ready to get your own business on a new track?
  • You would love to raise your prices but you’re afraid of losing clients?

  • We all know it's easier to train someone else than it is to coach yourself.
  • One of the FIRST benefits to have a Sapphire-Blading Certificate is you offer a new and different microblading service and it gives you a unique quality and market position.
  • You can start immediately to work on your clients and to draw very precise cuts with the Sapphire-Blading Tool.
  • This method requires high precision and a steady hand. The result is so fine that you can hardly distinguish the drawn eyebrows from real ones.

Imagine what you could accomplish with drawing eyebrows very quickly, safely and naturally!

Get the Benefits of using the Sapphire-Blading Method

Grow up Your Income

Get certified training you can use to jumpstart your business and add a new income stream.


Faster Healing - No Allergies possible because Sapphire-Blade -No skin irritation.


Get time-saving that make it easy for you to consistently generate new, higher-paying clients.


Bring in more satisfied customers right now into YOUR business.

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E-Book; "The TOP ReaClick to replace anchor textsons to use the Sapphire-Blade!"

Get instant access to our Certified Online Training now!

Sapphire-Blading Training will take me into the next level!

Sapphire-Blading Online Course Benefits ...

The Sapphire-Blading Tool:  Immediately after you ordered your online training course you will get access to our shop to order the Sapphire-Blading Tool.

Finish each lesson and get your Certificate! We send you your certificate immediately we realized you have finished the theoretical training part. 

A Support is available for three months after your order. You can use the lesson pages for comments, to send us your questions and we will love to help you! After you finished the course we are still on your side to help!

You can start to draw eyebrows immediately you finished the course and did get the tool.

"I was loosing all my eyebrows and now I have new eyebrows that looks good as natural eyebrows. Very Happy."

Denise Blanchard, Customer

"I am very impressed by the professional treatment I received and I am so happy with my eyebrows!!!".

Lorraine Brown, Customer

This Online Course Includes ...

lessons as an advanced mircroblading training. You can go through the course in YOUR time.

  •   Sapphire-Blading Tool Instruction
  •    Hygiene - Cleaning - Disinfection
  • How to clean the Sapphire-Blading Chip
  • Skin Anatomy
  • Sapphire-Blading Treatment (Video)
  • Aftercare


Here are answers to most frequently asked questions:

Do I have to change my pigment line?

When I want order a second Sapphire-Blading tool I have to pay the same price?

Can I use the Sapphire-Blading tool also to draw lips?

If I need a new Sapphire-Blade I have to order a complete new tool?

Can I use the Sapphire-Blading tool in combination with a machine shadow technique?

Get instant access to our Certified Online Training now!

Sapphire-Blading Training will take me into the next level!