The Sapphire-Blading Tool became a new Design.

The Microblading Tool is an enormous evolution, because the needles are manually applied to the skin and adds more color to it and the hairs also look finer in the result, but the skin is more torn than cut, since the needles are not really sharp. The new Micro blading tool, the Sapphire-Blading Tool, is a revolutionary innovation, and improvement.

You also can use the Sapphire-Blading tool  in combination with a normal blade to treat the shadow method. It looks really nice if you shadow some part on the eyebrows with a special shadow blade and if you use the Sapphire-Blade to draw the fine hair lines in combination.

I would like to use this post to show you the development of the pen.
On the pictures below you can see the first and the actual design from the Sapphire-Blading tool. 

Look the first model;  

Sapphire-Blading Tool number one
The pen was Titanium and it was a little bit tricky to install the Sapphire-Blade. Doesn’t matter I loved to work with this blade immediately when I worked with on my first model.
Because it was not so easy to handle this tool without to have an accident with the blade ( the blade broke fast), the owner was looking for a better handling tool. Couple of month later he introduced a new Sapphire-Blading tool;  

Look the second model; 

 Sapphire-Blading Tool number two

You can see the pen looks different and the material of the pen is Aluminum. Now it was possible to use this model like a pen. 
To work with was so good because the handling was easier and you saw the cutting tip much better. No problems with the Sapphire-Blade anymore because it was so easy to use. 
I tried this new tool and liked it too, but I realized it is not as hard as the predecessor and the tool is not so good in the hand. Another point; The slope from the blade was not optimal.
The owner started again to develope a new model and the newest Sapphire-Blading tool looks like this;  

Look the third model; 

Sapphire-Blading Tool number three

This is the actual Sapphire-Blading tool. It is Titanium again and the slope from the blade has a 38 degree angle. Perfect!

You see, this kind of Microblading tool is very young on the market, but it is the best treatment tool to draw natural fine hair lines ever and I am proud to work with and to share it with you!

You like to get more information about the Sapphire-Blading tool? Click on the link below and you can download a Pdf for more information.

Anyway, I immediately loved it and my clients too; they could  relax during the treatment now. The new blade has it all!
The advantages are very extensive; especially the treatment which is much more pleasant for the customers, which is the main focus! But also for us PMU artists, the drawings are much more relaxed and the results are much more natural.

I decided that, in the future I will only work with the Sapphire Blading Tool and look forward to offer my customers such a great service.

Thank you, Liane.