Liane; "The TOP Reasons to Use the Sapphire-Blade"

“ If you're ready to re-engage current clients with a new microblading technique, to get more new clients and make more money, join me in the Sapphire-Blading System. ”


  • Learn what matters: learn a new system for creating fine natural permanent eyebrows.
  • Go your way to the top: using the Sapphire-Blading Method opens you a new microblading level to draw permanent eyebrows and great experience!

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Microblading - Is the number one Micropigmentation method to create natural eyebrows at this time.

With this manual method we can create fine hair strokes on the eyebrows to let them look natural.

Now we have reached a new level in the Microblading Art -

The "Sapphire-Blading" method!

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Learn how;

The Sapphire-Blade helps you quickly & safely draw naturally, beautiful, permanent eyebrows!

The Sapphire-Blade excites and delights your customers!

The Sapphire-Blade noticeably increases your sales!​

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Liane Zabel

​Liane - A German Permanent Makeup Artist is working in the beauty business for over 34 years. Her passion for the beauty - and makeup arts started when she was a teenager.

"I love the microblading method because with this technique it is possible to work much more precisely, to get better results, can better realize the customer wishes and the treatment is very pleasant."

"I was so thrilled when I did find this blade and so excited to draw with, it was a dream for me – A dream came true for me!"