I had the Sapphire-Blade treatment done on my eyebrows. The technique was smooth, painless and very satisfying. The recovery time was minimal. As a middle aged woman in her fifties my eyebrows were thinning more and more each day. My eyebrows are now much fuller and very nice.

The hair strokes are fine and natural looking. Since this was the first treatment they have faded a bit and will require a touch up session. I recommend this to anyone who is wants to add fullness to their brows! ​


Having experienced the other method of blading for my eyebrows, I found that the Sapphire-Blade treatment was more comfortable and I love the natural looking results. You wouldn't know that my eyebrows have been tattooed on.

I am very, very pleased!​


Liane does a beautiful job on permanent makeup. I had my eyes and brows done and love the job. I did not have much for brows and had to pencil them in, now I never have to think about them. I also never could pencil my eyes, so they always look done!

It was worth it and painless. Liane is a lovely lady and makes you feel very comfortable.


The Sapphire-Blading Story

The SAPPHIRE-Blading-Tool – a new sensational MICROBLADING Technique - started up July 2015 in Germany and we’ve been on an success ride ever since.

From our beginnings microblading art to launching the Sapphire-Blading Tool we’ve tried to stay true to our core beliefs - QUALITY & BRILLIANT SERVICE - and to deliver an exceptional experience for our microblading artists and customers.

We owe a huge thanks to all artists they trusted us in the beginning, they are still working with this awesome tool and we hope that you’ll continue to be a part of our story.

"To get more information about the Sapphire-Blading System you can download the E-Book "The Top Reasons to use the Sapphire-Blade!", learn more about the tool and treatments with the "Sapphire-Blading System Free Online Course" and you will keep updated about events here on the website. 

232 PMU Artists are working with the Sapphire-Blading Tool yet
3343 Successful Treatments since the Sapphire-Blading Tool is on the market
1858 Visitors did get consultations on International Beauty Shows

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