NEW - Many PMU artists confirm that the Sapphire-Blading tool will allow you to quickly and safely achieve natural microblading results!

Dear Microblading Artist - with the             Sapphire-Blading Tool you will;

  • Save up to 40% money per treatment
  • Save up to 30 minutes per treatment
  • Charge up to 25% more per treatment
  • Draw permanent eyebrows so naturally that they look like your own

The Sapphire-Blading Tool & Training

Normal Microblading Method  vs. Sapphire-Blading Method

Normal Microblading Method

Sapphire-Blading System Method

Customers complain more about pain!

Very fine cut means no pain!

Allergies are possible from needles!

No allergies possible because of Sapphire Blade!

Slower healing!

Faster healing!

Color does blur in the skin!

Color doesn’t blur in the skin

Skin irritations during the treatment

No skin irritations!

Client hears scratching noise

Client can’t hear a scratching noise!

Can cut too deeply into the skin because no depth adjustment is possible!

Cannot cut too deeply into the skin because depth adjustment is possible!

Sapphire-Blading - The best way to draw eyebrows even more naturally  - Start NOW!

You are a permanent makeup artist who loves to do Microblading?

You believe microblading is more than just "offer permanent makeup or microblading service"...it's an expression of your soul's divine purpose?

Are you having 'okay' customers in your business, but your inner voice tells you it's nowhere near what it could be?

As an entrepreneur, you want to serve your clients, but you also need to protect your time, to save your business and to offer a high-quality service.

The Sapphire-Blading Method tops your expectations!

Amaze your customers with the new and impressive method of drawing eyebrows -


No matter how skilled you are in Microblading - The Sapphire-Blading System can help you to bring your microblading skill into the next Level!

Become an expert to draw extremely fine natural hairs on eyebrows with the natural white "Sapphire" and the Sapphire-Blading Method!

How can you become an EXPERT?

Imagine what you could accomplish with drawing eyebrows very quickly, safely and naturally!

  • Bring in more satisfied customers right now into your business.
  • Stop underearning and begin charging what you're worth.
  • Get time-saving that make it easy for you to consistently generate new, higher-paying clients.
  • Get certified training you can use to jumpstart your business and add a new income stream.

We help you to become an expert with the Sapphire-Blading Training Program.

The Sapphire-Blading - Training Program is right for you if you:

  • are a licensed permanent makeup artist
  • if you want to use the microblading method for your clients
  • are MORE than ready to be a Sapphire-Blading Specialist
  • to dominate to draw with the Sapphire-Blading Tool, to deploy your own talent and to be an artist to draw great natural eyebrows
  • want to learn how to help your clients transform their fears regarding pain during the treatment and appearance/results

You still have some Questions?

​I was loosing all my eyebrows and now I have new eyebrows that looks good as natural eyebrows. Very happy!

Denise Blanchard 

​I'm very impressed by the professional treatment I received and I am so happy with my eyebrows!!!

Lorraine Brown